Thought is one of the most powerful tools we have. He is able to shape our lives, influence our choices and even affect the world around us. However, we often find ourselves stuck in limiting thought patterns, which keep us from reaching our true potential.

It is in this context that parapsychology comes into play. This science studies psychic phenomena that go beyond the limits of common sensory perception, such as telepathy, clairvoyance and precognition. By exploring these phenomena, we can unlock the secrets of thinking and discover new ways to expand our consciousness.

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In this book, Edenilson Brandl guides us on a fascinating journey through the world of parapsychology and thought. He introduces us to concepts and techniques that help us unlock our mental potential and reach higher levels of consciousness. With a clear and accessible approach, the author shows us how we can apply this knowledge in our daily lives, to achieve our goals and live more fully.

If you are interested in exploring the secrets of thinking and unlocking your true potential, this book is for you. With it, you will discover a new world of possibilities and learn to use your mind more effectively and consciously. Get ready for an exciting journey towards self-knowledge and expansion of consciousness.

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