spiritual babe done by reptians

Yes, the name of this session is not to amateurs, you know in the culture about ufo there is a lot about reptilians, but I am not going to enter in the specifics, I am going to write about what did happen to her.

As always I was doing my sessions of healing, disobsession, spiritual coach, apometry, familiar constelattion, thetahealing, access bars, healing NDA, past lives among others tecniques.

This woman told me that she was having problems like nightmare and feeling like she was pregnant.

OK, I thought, “I know this “modus opperant””, by literature, we know that spiritual being pregnant women and afther 3 months the fetus (spiritual fetus) is taken from the mother, in the spiritual world they have a chimera, a descendant or a hybrid from mother and another spiritual being.

They do this to improve their NDA, to experiment, or to controle the person (the woman).

So, I started the session and at the same moment a nave was above the room where I was doing this therapy session.

I took the implants that they had put on her, I undid the new programming on her brain and closed the uterus to new spiritual pregnancy.

What she said to me that was happening to her life was to cruel.

The true is she made a promisse to them before incarnate, luck for her she find me.

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