This case taught me a lote, I learnt about past lives more than any other course or therapy session I had done.

The girl that needed this session was having emotional problems because she did not understand what was happening and because.

I started the session asking about her mother and she told me that she has 2 mothers, one that gave bird to her and another that was his foster mother, ok, for sure I had some experience about this situation, so I knew that with the father would be the same, but the thinds got a little more interesting.

I asked her about her father and she told me that she had 3 fathers, her father that impregneted her mother, the husband of her foster mother and that one that when nobody wanted to rase her, rased her with love gaving education and protection.

To understand this situation I went to her past lives to see what happened, because something happened that she must pass for this in this life.

First of all, everybody were connected to her from the past lives.

She had experience with everybody in other lives. She had some bad experience with her parent (that gave bird to her), so needed to have some experience similar to balance her acts and understand what bad actions lead to.

Second, her second pair of parents as well had some bad experience with her in past lives and they just would make things correct with her is the first pair of parents were together (do you imagine the problem that this sould had to solve?).

They told her (in spiritual world) that things could be solved if the four were together to solve the problem, and the best way should be born and be given to another coulple.

So, this happen, she was born, was given to another couple and that couple gave her once again, if we see with the eyes of the flesh this is cruel, but when we understand what she did in past lives, it was necessary and less than what she did to them.

Third, the third father was to help her and finish everything with love.

I saw everything and told her, no more sessions were necessary, she was healed from everything emotional in her life, because she sow the true root cause.

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