The craniochacral arc is the technique of intense transmission and assimilation of consciential energy (CS) with the left palm (palmochakra) of the assistant, male or female, in the nuchal area and the other palm of the right hand (palmochakra) close to the frontochakra of the assisted person, without touching the soma, seeking to eliminate blockages of gravitating energies through so and so, or vigorous energy manifestations (high voltage of the CEs) of the assistant’s 2 palmchakras, the assistant’s 2 brain chakras, of the 2 the assistant’s cerebral hemispheres, the assisted’s 2 encephalic chakras and the assisted’s 2 cerebral hemispheres.

Craniochacral arc technique that can promote greater holomemory awakening, the remission of mini-diseases.
Immediate craniochacral arc = with instantaneous elimination of superficial brain blocks in the first session; mediate craniochacral arc = with the elimination of ingrained brain blocks through two or more sessions, either on the same day or on consecutive days.

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