We are going to use the best herbs to heal wounds that can be emotional, spiritual, energetical, intellectual and physical. Herbs, they work in many ways, more ways that we think. The true is that every subject in this world has energy and herbs beside their power can heal with energy. Energy that can travel to any time or space and do what needs to be done.


Chromotherapy is a tool that can heal hundreds of illness and is not used so much in nowadays.
The power of the colour is not known by People, so they still die from small problems that could be solved with colour.


Vibrational state is a powerful technique that any person when wants to improve his/her spirituality needs to learn. The therapist doesn’t use this technique on his/her consultant, it is taught to be done everyday at home as an incredible tool of learning and development of all areas could be spirituality or emotional it doesn’t matter. Vibrational state is very easy to do and very hard to keep doing everyday, if people around the world could know how it is important to any aspect of their life they for sure would start still today the process of learning this technique. 


This technique is more a tool than a healing process, when a person has problem and it is linked to someone that is in the umbral this person needs to help that person on umbral. People that are taken from umbral are send to hospitals in the sutil world. You learn, you heal and you are healed in this process. It is very important to know that you are saving a life that in many times should or must be on Umbral for milenios so the dahrma is immense. Some time we can make a change saving somebody and in exchange be healed. 


We any time that we have a good or a bad moment, a not so good thinking though or when something happens to us we create to that creature a link of energy that will keep existing for centuries. It can be done like 10000 years ago and it will be doing its work for more centuries if not cut. People have problem that nothing can improve the condition, when it is seen in a more mature holist paranormal way, it is clear that the problem is not in the person anymore, being the problem in the other being, so a cut of eteric cords is necessary and very important 


Healing a past life is resolving all problem that that past life did. Some what you suffer comes from past life and it needs to be cured. Many past live were bad or sick or slave, so we have inside of us the slaving, the sickness or anything that can hurt our projects. Many problems can occur from past lives problematic like sickness that can not be healed or a life that nothing exciting happen. 

Trauma Cure

When we have experience it somatize in the body, if the experience is good it helps us, if the experience is bad it somatizes in the body the trauma, people can do therapy to heal the mind, the soul, the spirit but the body will continue with the trauma. Healing the body will make the bad experience a lot lesser painful to remember and to life with

Belief healing

People learn things that will not improve their life, it could be happened in a past life, when their mother were impregnated, or in the childhood, with friends or their religion told them that rich or healthy people don’t go do heaven. Healing these thoughts and programming are very important to start living the best o their life.

Healing Through EFT

the body has place that can be used to heal emotions

Body Water Element Healing
Energy Channeling in the Seventh Chakra
spiritual coach

belief healing
Healing Through EFT
Body Water Element Healing
Energy Channeling in the Seventh Chakra
spiritual coach


Our Immune System is alive and can be reprogrammed to be better.
It can be improved until being able of healing disease that are not yet healed. The immune system can do things that are amazing, the problem is nobody knows how to activate it to the next level.
Improving the codes the are inside of it makes the person very healthy.


There are 7 subtle bodies. Each home more subtle, they are us and us are them. Before a sickness appears in the flesh it starts in one subtle body. When the sickness starts showing itself, for sure it has been hurting you for some months maybe years, that is why some sickness are so tough to heal, the problem is not in the flesh but in the subtle body and nobody heals it.

Healing Through Plants


Food is essential to get better. Food has vitamins and minerals that the body needs. People can have a life better when eating good and doing exercises. Food can heal a lot of sickness. When the sickness is unhealed it must be used to help the other treatment.
Treatment using food involves cleaning very well the food, choosing what is known to be the best and when possible use some superfoods that are available and cheap in some cases.
There is no complete food but putting some of them together will make a army that will help people.


Ancestor healing is very important because we are connected to our ancestor and we carry all of good and bad that they did. Did you know Master Edenilson is also an engineer and he made a basic calculus (for him): if each grandparent of you had their sibling by 35 years old, 1000 generations would put you in the past 35000 years (human like us appeared 50000 years ago) and to make us our was necessary 1,0715086071862673e+301 people. Yes the number is immense, to understand and to make easy it is 1 followed by 301 zeros. This number is what your DNA and your feeling and everything are. You are the result of your ancestor and you take everything what all your ancestor did in this planet and maybe in other planets. Healing ancestor is very important.

Energy Healing
spiritual surgery
Healing with Florals
Healing with Reflexology
Healing with Apometry
Cure by Parapsychology
Healing with Colors
Pranic Healing
Healing with Ho’oponopono
Craniochacral Arc Healing
Healing with Vibrational State
Healing with Homeopathy
Healing with Grabovoi Numbers
Healing with Chinese Herbal Therapy
Healing with Herbal Medicine
Healing with Auriculotherapy
Healing with Aromatherapy
Healing with Johrei
Healing with Orthomolecular Medicine
Healing with Donation to Ancestors
Fluidized Water Cure
Healing with Spiritual Surgery II
White Candle Cure
Healing with Summoning Healing Hands
Healing with Pienal and Third Eye
Healing with Astral Defense
Healing with Bioquantic Floral
Healing with Extra Subtle Body Download
Healing the Karma of the Previous Planet
Healing with Rescue of Subtle Bodies
Healing with Plant DNA
Healing with Paraetheric Physician
Healing with Karmic Advice
Pregnancy Process Cure
Healing with Quantum Light Processes
Healing with the Spirit’s Ascension Process
Healing with Higher and Lower Chakras
Root Cause Cure
Cure in Root Cause II
Healing with Elemental Doctors
Healing with Plant Versions in the Subtle Spheres
Healing by Cutting the Etheric Cords
Version Cure in the Multiverse
Healing with the Animal of Ancestral Power
Healing Through Dissociation of Negative Lives
Healing Through Cosmetic Transplantation
Healing Through the Para-Concretion of the Personal Evolution Sheet
Healing Through Elevation of Life
Healing with Pentacles
Healing Through Shutting Down Diseased Cell Capabilities
Healing by Cutting Etheric Threads with Sick Cells
Healing Through Reactivation of the Healthy Growth Process
Healing with Paraships
Healing with Canupian Essences
Healing with Astral Travel
Healing with DNA Replicator Cut
Healing with Genetic Insertion



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